The Fall 2015 Eliminator Week 5: Not The Worst Crime Series With Note In The Title

Exactly the type of line that would be shouted by someone who would never be unpopular in real life.
Exactly the type of line that would be shouted by someone who would never be unpopular in real life.

Welcome back to the latest edition of the Fall Eliminator. Each week I am going through the anime series available to me and choosing to drop the worst performing show that week. Lance N’ Masques was eliminated for being boring. Hackadoll was eliminated for being putrid idol bullshit. The 35th Platoon bit the dust with its catastrophic writing. The Perfect Insider channeled its inner Dan Brown to go wherever the Vatican stores their supply of antimatter. Which terrible show will hit my drop list this week and make my viewing much easier and much more bearable?


Going this week is a show I completely forgot to put in the contender’s category last week. Tantei Team KZ Jiken Note is a series that is about a grade school girl who is only good at Japanese partnering with the members of a boys soccer team who happen to also be good at only one subject in school to solve mysteries. I would have noted last week that the first mystery ended with one of the kids fighting a guy who stole his bike and was armed with a knife because drama. It’s about as silly as Sakurako‘s main character managing to fight off an actual murderer, but at least he has experience in fighting people.

So this week began a new story for the group that all went to different middle schools. One of them even had to settle for a public school, what a shame. His life is effectively ruined, but I digress. The main girl, Tachibana Aya, fits in about as badly as you would expect for a girl who isn’t particularly intelligent and whose parents have devoted their efforts to her older brother and younger sister. She runs into a new boy who is misunderstood and commits the ultimate crime for a middle school girl; being friends with attractive boys. It’s just so clumsily handled that I’m checking out now.



Comet Lucifer continues to do one thing, and only one thing each week that convinces me to continue watching. The mecha battle was pretty cool in the snow and maybe this show will be more watchable with Felia more grown up.

JK Meshi! just continues to mess around with the character of Ruriko, who has transformed from a clumsy idiot to super-intelligent ninja girl. This was my 2nd choice to be dropped because that was a really terrible take on pizza at the end.

Sakurako-san is well…I don’t even know anymore. It just kind of exists at this point in this space between detective series, angst and peak unintentional comedy. They just need to give this new villain in the series a white cat to pet between scenes.



Utawarerumono introduced a new girl who happens to be a princess and is way up in the best girl rankings for this series. Also, Haku’s reaction to having his kebab ruined is the (intentional) comedic moment of the season for me so far.

Peeping Life doesn’t get enough love outside of this blog since I think the number of people watching it might be in the tens. My favorite moment of this week’s episode was the sketch in the matchmaking center when a 38-year-old office lady mentions that she’s an idol groupie.

Finally, Komori-san has managed promotion to this tier. It was just a fun episode that focused on Negishi, one of Komori’s friends, and at least made a character seem human. That’s all it takes to make it up to this tier, it isn’t that hard.