12 Days of Something V: Getting Caught in the Rain

gate08aGate was and still can be considered a show that brings up interesting ideas, and executes them about as well as a terrible writer with ambition would be expected to. Nowhere did this become more laughable than the introduction of a character by the name…sigh, Piña Co Lada.

If I’m perfectly honest, it’s not as though Piña is a particularly bad character, but that name just seems like a joke. I guess it’s better than having a Big McLargehuge, but it’s not good either. Also, who doesn’t like late-70s pop rock ballads?

Piña herself is one of the few characters that actually seems to have a level of self-awareness about what is happening in the series. Ideas like, “maybe we should make peace with those guys in green that casually wrecked the armies of our enemies” are her forte. I mean she’s a good character within the context of the show. Then that whole thing gets ruined when they change her into a fujoshi after she goes to Japan.

gate08bThat whole arc was a total mess. Members of the Diet just acting like what they would in real life in grandstanding before a global audience. I kind of wanted Rory to start wrecking shit. Instead, it was an arc that combined the worst of the show’s “look how the SDF is the greatest military force in the world” mantra and pandering to as many different niche fandoms within otakudom.

The only character I was enjoying by the end was Kuribayashi Shino. The only terrible moment I could think of that she was involved in was when she went charging recklessly into hand-to-hand combat alongside Rory.

gate06aOtherwise, Shiho was the one who would reflect the opinion of the normal bystander. Itami acting like an utter creeper to one of the many girls inexplicably attracted to him? Snide remark by Shiho. Some background character states some ridiculous qualifications that Itami has (Special Forces, SEAL, Former Secretary General of the United Nations, etc.) is quickly followed by the exact expression the audience feels by Shiho. Therefore, Shiho is best girl in Gate.