12 Days of Something V: No, No, The Other Saekano

saekano06aSaekano has a rather unfortunate English title that includes “How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend.” Clearly that is something that will never be embraced by a casual audience. Then again, this show that I so anticipated last year would be completely impenetrable to that same audience.

The characters at the center of Saekano are very flawed. The protagonist Tomoya, is completely unaware of the feelings of those around him, and pretty much fatally cripples this series in doing so. Megumi, the girl referenced in the title, isn’t actually that boring a character, but she’s too much like a normal person to actually be involved in the scenario. Eriri, is a good artist, but is too hung up on Tomoya’s opinions of her work to become a great artist. Michiru is basically nothing more than a fanservice vehicle with a guitar attached. Finally, there’s Utaha. Poor Utaha struggles with the fact that she can’t seem to get straight to the point with Tomoya. Everything has to be indirect.

In the 6th episode, she can’t even casually go up to Tomoya to talk to him. Even her editor knows the damn problem she has. Then we get a bit of backstory where the two build walls between each other. Tomoya as the first real person to understand what Utaha was writing in Koisuru Metronome, yet choosing not to read the draft of the final volume because it would betray the rest of the fandom. She wanted you to read it because she has feelings for you, man. Thereafter, she slapped the Ethical nickname on him because she felt scorned.

saekano06bThe episode ends up with the two of them sharing a hotel room for the night. Utaha was nervous because she’s with the one she has feelings for. Tomoya was…spending most of the time talking about how great Megumi is as a person when they went to stores together. Before the night is done they end up working on the visual novel some more and Utaha basically vents her feelings about the situation between Tomoya and Megumi, but in character.

Maybe this passive-aggressive stuff Utaha does just makes her the most human of the bunch in this series. Damn, why does she have to have such bad taste in men?

2 thoughts on “12 Days of Something V: No, No, The Other Saekano”

  1. Tomoya is really such a dick. Although Utaha never really did it for me because I find her character type annoying, I admit that hotel episode was very good. It had just the right blend of friendship, sexual tension, honesty and things left unsaid.

    1. I mean from a completely unbiased standpoint Megumi is probably the better character. I guess it’s the fact that the “acting like a completely normal person” trait is considered boring.

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