12 Days of Something V: Working Towards the End

nisekoi24aThe 2nd season of Nisekoi aired earlier this year. It didn’t really do anything with progression of the plot in that particular realm. In the manga, however, there was plenty of progression towards a resolution of the harem at the center of the story. It’s really disappointing how that is turning out.Those who know my opinion on all matters Nisekoi are aware of my feelings for the two main girls. It’s simply that they are nowhere near as good as the secondary characters. Yet, that’s the way this is all heading.

So far this year we’ve seen Raku tell Yui, the teacher that was a childhood friend of his, that he’s not interested in anything more than friendship. Then, he had to rescue Marika from her mother and an arranged marriage, only to be nothing more than friends. The infinitely superior to everyone Tsugumi is never going to be considered. That means poor Raku is going to have to choose between Chitoge and Kosaki, who isn’t even the best of the Onodera sisters.

nisekoi14aThe situation has even evolved to the point where it’s pretty clear that Chitoge is going to win. Kosaki was nothing more than a fleeting feeling. The cute attractive girl who doesn’t have much of a personality or attributes beyond being terrible at cooking. Chitoge, on the other hand, has become the girl who fits perfectly with Raku and who will never leave him bored for the rest of the series.

Of course long-time fans of the series will still be wondering what is going on with the state of the locket and the keys associated with it. Half of the keys have already been rendered irrelevant by Raku’s actions. So I’m going to predict that it is ultimately meaningless when Kosaki is the promised girl with the correct key for the locket and Raku decides that Chitoge is the girl he actually likes. Sorry Kosaki fans, but I’m not a fan of this ending either.