12 Days of Something V: Because Why The Hell Not

triagex08aFor anyone out there tempted to watch this series after reading this post I will simply say this: don’t watch Triage X. It’s a bad show and anyone should feel bad if they do end up liking it. Yet, there was one episode I still remember fondly from its 10 episode (10 episodes is always a sign of a bad show) run. Unfortunately for those hoping I’d have taste it’s the 8th episode.

The setup for this episode is this pretty much irrelevant. Basically, the best girl in this series, the blue-haired Hitsuji just rampages around wearing nothing more than a mask and hospital gown. She remembered her past which turned her into a monster and the protagonist Arashi has to stop her. And he does it by not fighting her at all.

For the most part it’s just flashback, action scene, flashback, action scene, Arashi saying he won’t do something, flashback, action scene and then it’s finally all over. Actually, no one really cares about the plot, you guys just want the images right? Since this isn’t a porn blog I have to do censored screencaps. I don’t apologize.

triagex08c triagex08d triagex08e triagex08f triagex08g triagex08h triagex08i triagex08jtriagex08btriagex08ltriagex08m

This was a ten episode series and the tenth episode was an onsen episode with no plot reference. Anime in the year two thousand fifteen everyone.

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