12 Days of Something V: Terrible Endings

No, stop.

The third season of Working aired back in the summer. It’s a season that will be known for introducing the parents of Aoi and Souta more than anything else. Actually that should have been the case, but they had to go and mess with the ending. I hope the use of the separate OVA or special to extend a season isn’t a new trend.

This actually happened in two separate shows I watched this year. The first was To Love-Ru Darkness’s 2nd season which seemed to be a way to buy more time to put in some more fanservice with a bit of budget. For Working, it was totally different.

The relationships in the show are pretty much settled. Satou is finally with Yachiyo. Souta’s sister Kozue is back with her ex-husband. The 2 Yamadas finally found each other and their parents. Oh, and Souta’s dating Mahiru. Or at least that’s how the show should have ended. Souta was whisked away by people working for his mother, which sets up the fantasy setting of the special episode. At the time and even now my reaction is simply that I can’t even anymore. The episode comes out on Boxing Day this year, and I don’t know if I care enough to watch now.

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  1. The fantasy setting is in fact a fake, meant to troll any viewers not acquainted with the original manga. The special is as down-to-earth as it can be, and in my opinion provides a very fitting conclusion for this wonderful series.

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