12 Days of Something V: Sumo Wrestling a Copier

plife02bOriginally a Youtube sketch comedy short series, Peeping Life made its first full-length TV series appearance this past season. Using CG rendered characters and characters from various Tatsunoko Pro series of the past, along with some originals, this series was something different from pretty much anything else this year. If anything, it at least had the best opening animation of the year.

There are a couple of segments from Peeping Life I want to talk about here. The first is Good Buy Shopping, in which a TV salesman tries to pitch useless overpriced items and is always hindered by a guest who goes against his ability to sell merchandise. The best one is the first version of the segment.

In this one the title character from Triton of the Sea (notable for being Tomino’s directorial debut back in 1972), is depicted throughout the show as being an out-of-shape shell of his former self who likes to sumo.  The salesman of the series, Sorinouchi Go, is trying to pitch a copy machine to the audience. It’s ludicrously over-priced and Triton lets him know that. Then Triton tries to sumo the copy machine then Go himself. Finally, he just asks the question of why any household would need a copy machine before attempting to forcibly photocopy the host’s face, because why not? It’s a lot funnier than my description of it to be honest.

This is pretty bad.
This is pretty bad.

The other segment I wanted to talk about took up 3/4s of the 7th episode called Quiz Renaissance. This is really going back to the show’s roots as it is essentially a Youtube quiz show hosted by real life Youtube personality (I kind of hate that this is a thing) MEGWIN. He has Black Jack, Sapphire and Yatterman #2 as his guests, for a show that is essentially them drawing what he says they have to. They are all really terrible and it plays out with the host getting increasingly agitated at how bad they are, even throwing paper at the contestants because they are so bad.

At least check out this segment.
At least check out this segment.

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