12 Days of Something V: It’s Just People Talking About Nothing

Like Peeping Life that would air late in the year, Tesagure! Bukatsumono had a third season that was the first to be broadcast to a larger audience. The show itself is part of a trend of series that are really little more than voice actresses engaging in normal conversation only they do so in character. What makes shows like this work is the ability to allow the audience in to their inside jokes and references and use them at a later time. Also, referring to another voice actresses in the context that they are voice actresses works well too.

So Tesagure! Bukatsumono, though technically this is a spinoff with another group of characters from Sharamu (which is really completely irrelevant other than adding more characters), is a series set at a high school about a club that spends its time talking about creating or changing other clubs. The characters drawn for a particular segment will talk about a topic, then in this show’s twist they have to ad lib.

Sometimes this heads into completely unexpected directions. The youngest character of the original group, Koharu, developed a trend for coming up with answers that always involve ikemen. There’s also a little conversation this season that involves the character Tomomi and how she is not around very often, which is a thinly veiled reference to her voice actress Uesaka Sumire being too busy doing other work.

Yes, this is what that segment actually sounded like.
Yes, this is what that segment actually sounded like.

Actually on that point, I think my favorite parts of the 3rd season that aired this season were all related to the scheduling of the voice actresses. The penultimate episode opened with the fact that none of their schedules matched up and they had to record the group opening separately. That was also my favorite episode as it was really nothing more than messing around with the earlier episodes by re-doing them in different styles.

I’m still out on whether this is a trend that is worth continuing, but the existence of different content is better than it not existing.