12 Days of Something VI: The Giant Pit of Money

アイドルマスター プラチナスターズ_20160819171817
Pictured: A Screenshot from the Money Pit

I made a terrible mistake this year. I purchased The idolm@ster Platinum Stars for the PS4, and I’ve had to take out several payday loans to purchase DLC and I will be unable to continue this blog. Okay, I made up most of that last sentence, but I did indeed buy the game and import it for about the price of a new game these days in the States. If only the DLC was ever not ridiculously priced by Scamco.

Unlike the last game in the series I could remember on console, Platinum Stars dispenses with any sort of time limitations. So if you want to spend hundreds of years in game trying to get your favorite im@s girl up to S-rank, knock yourself out. Everything about this game is designed for grinding from the unrealistic amount of fans that one gets from each live towards a 10 million fan target to get the top rank. The individual songs level up on their own, but it takes 200 plays to get each of those maxed out too.

On that note, it’s not surprising that I’ve had this game for 4 months and I’m still not anywhere close to 100% completing this game. With that in mind, let me give you this piece of advice if you are going to blow actual hard currency on this giant money pit. Just pick one of the girls that isn’t Haruka, max them out and then just say you’ve beaten the game. No one would have a problem with this.

If you were wondering why my post volume suffered a precipitous decline, blame this game.