Emperor J Elsewhere: April 6-13

Even Julian is now facepalming at the idea of this blog's writer branching out

In the first of hopefully many (or more likely none), I have actually done some stuff on other sites if anyone was interested.

The only 50 words I write on this show this season?

First up was participating in a different sort of First Impressions post. I was part of a team that wrote 50 words each on the first episode of Mysterious Girlfriend X while only knowing the last 10 words the previous writer wrote. Try to see if you can figure out which part is mine.

Perhaps too much time was spent on this show for anyone's liking.

Then, if you ever really wanted to hear what I sounded like but never got around to asking, I appeared on Desu Ex Machina’s Friday Anime Podcast. It was a fun time talking about several of the new shows this season with Kevo and Aeroblip. I could have gone on for much longer yet, but sadly that had to be left on the editing room floor. So no Legend of the Galactic Heroes or Giant Killing or any other show I’ve blogged here.

Hopefully, more pans out for the future and I can do more posts like this in the future.