Blood Lad: A Quick Take

A death in episode 1, heh.
I don’t think this skull is anatomically correct.

Staz, a vampire living in the demon world, happens to be an otaku who is also a territory boss. When a human girl arrives, his desire to be an individual and a fate that befalls the girl combine to lead to a situation where he can finally go see the human world. Staz had his henchmen acquire otaku goods from the human world when they went there, only for them to bring back a human girl called Fuyumi on this particular day. Staz resists the temptation to bite into her to go off to rescue his men from a demon who fought using carnivorous plants. One of them escaped and killed Fuyumi only for her to become a ghost. He vows to find a way to turn her back into a human, while at the same time continuing to feed his otaku needs.

I’m not quite sure what to make of all of this to be quite honest. It’s clearly an otaku reference comedy which seems to also be making a not so subtle statement about relationships at the same time. Fuyumi being consumed by that plant becomes the key point in this early part of the story. She was some sort of object placed on a pedestal. Humans are rare in the demon world after all, and Staz didn’t want to be like those other vampires (men) who consumed (had sex with) them. When she’s a ghost, that feeling is gone since she’s just another demon. His whole desire to bring her back to life is born out of the desire to feel that urge to lust over an unobtainable object.

As for the rest of the episode, it’s really disappointingly ordinary. The brief battle looks good, but it’s really brief. The otaku angle of wanting to go to the human world to get the latest in high culture otaku goods was done much better in Nyaruko. Even the obvious contrivances can be seen as a nod to that particular series, though it did not go as far as referencing earlier foreshadowing in the episode. So I think what is left is a series that is going to be about a guy discovering the human world is not as kind to otaku as the demon world is, and the ridiculously attractive girl who has no problems hanging around him. Based on this episode, I don’t know if there’s sufficient chemistry between the two to make this actually work out.

Reasons to Continue Watching

  • Fills that otaku reference comedy void left by Haiyore! Nyaruko-san
  • An interesting take on vampire fiction
  • The characters of the demon world seem very entertaining

Reasons to Drop

  • Many jokes fall flat
  • Fuyumi’s only contribution appears to be looking attractive for the viewers
  • There’s not enough of the 3-eyed duo in this episode

My Verdict: It did just about enough to earn a 2nd episode for me. The secondary characters that are introduced in future episodes will have to be interesting enough for me to want to keep watching. Also, I hope this doesn’t turn into a harem show.

The Picture Because I Quit Summer Season Previews

Will this win?
Will this win?

The Summer Preview Because I Quit Spring

I needed an image to fill this, and no you don't need context.
I needed an image to fill this, and no you don’t need context.

This is probably the first post where I’ve actually tried to get assistance from other people in it’s creation. For the most part this is just a fairly standard preview with my opinions in it plus some other information. I wish I could have been a bit more creative with that, but I can only work with what I’ve got.

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