Pointless Debate #34: Watching with Anger

This is not that kind of uplifting post.
This is not that kind of uplifting post.

In the course of watching a series, it’s generally good if something leaves an emotional impact on the viewer. To be honest, I am rarely moved by something I’m watching unless I see that it is making an honest attempt to make a point. To give a recent example, I would point to Older Maid Sister’s speech in the 9th episode of Maoyuu Maou Yuusha. While it lacks in cultural relevance on a basic level, the point was made that all people who try to improve their lives should be treated with respect. A nice positive, uplifting message that can appeal to a wide audience.

If you are looking for discussion of episodes like that, this post isn’t for you. Instead, I’m here to lower the tone of discussion and talk about the shows that made me angry. Not just because they were bad, but because they went beyond that. I wished for terrible things to happen to the characters. I didn’t want a happy end for these characters. Admittedly, these shows worked on a level that I didn’t drop them for one reason or another. It instead became the equivalent of cheering against Duke at basketball. The show may suck, but it’s popular enough to win some fans inexplicably like Duke. And finally, Fuck Duke.

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The Lower Mid-Table Summer (of Failure) Season Preview

This chart should only be indicative of the fact that I can think like I’m 10.

The start of summer (or winter Southern Hemisphere folks) brings with it plenty of things. Where I’m at that means heat, humidity and ridiculously inflated utility bills in a quest to maintain some adequate level of comfort. On a much more relevant note, it also means another new season of series to watch. I think in the past, the summer season has largely been dismissed as inferior to the spring and fall seasons. So I decided to look back 5 years to see what came out of that summer. Continue reading The Lower Mid-Table Summer (of Failure) Season Preview

Pointless Debate #6: Misdirected Hate

Will anyone be naming characters after Joey Jones 26 years in the future like Shotarou Kaneda (middle)?

Something I’ve noticed from time to time when I’ve been evaluating shows is that occasionally the whole experience will be ruined by one character who I absolutely come to hate. Most often this happens to be a main character or someone close to them because I find it hard to hate something based on one experience. As I was thinking this over, I was able to put these characters into 3 separate categories.

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40 Seasons in 40 Days: Summer 2009

This is probably the 2nd most popular screencap in the collection I have built up over the last year. You honestly don't want to know #1

The 5th edition of this series takes us to the recent past, where some series are currently airing. Fortunately, nothing I did not drop is currently airing, so I won’t have to make any changes to the format here. The best way I can think of this summer is that is wasn’t a terrible summer, nor was it absolutely fantastic.

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