12 Days of Something II: I Timed This So Badly

Shockingly, Nisemonogatari doesn't make the list.

Shockingly, Nisemonogatari doesn’t make the list.

What you are reading here is the beginning of this blog’s 500th post. I worked it out so amazingly well that it falls dead in the middle of another bunch of posts and so it will be buried for weeks on end. So in that spirit, I’ve decided to do a list of my top anime. The humiliation won’t last all that long because of when this is scheduled thankfully.

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40 Seasons in 40 Days: Fall 2003

Of course everyone makes the assumption that Mechazawa is good with technology. Stereotypes, eh?

The 6th part of this retrospective takes me back to a time when I first decided to follow shows as they aired rather than just trying stuff out on a whim. I could have learned my lesson then and there, but I didn’t. There was also nowhere near the amount of shows airing then as there are at the off-peak time at present.

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