Revisiting the Drops

Unlike Megatron here, everything else in this post was dropped.

Since there’s little in the way to talk about this week from the currently airing shows, I embarked on an experiment yesterday. By MAL’s reckoning, I’ve dropped 362 series and those would have been for a variety of reasons. So what would happen if I gave some of these shows another shot? In all seriousness, it sounds like a better idea than talking about every show that I have dropped this season. So how would this experiment go?

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Devil Survivor 2: The Animation: The Quick Take

Waiting for a train...
Some eye candy for you on this post. I’d do the same if I had watched Utapri in the other direction.

Three teenagers play around with a mobile app that will change their lives and the fate of humanity in the first episode of Devil Survivor 2: The Animation. A pair of friends, Hibiki and Daichi, mess around with a hot new mobile app that allows one to see the dying face of the person they submit a picture of. As they take pictures of each other and wait for the results, they head home and spot a girl, Io, whom Daichi wants to get familiar with. The video returns foreshadowing their deaths which happen moments later, they all wish to continue living so they have a program that allows them to summon demons to protect them force installed onto their phones. As they fight mysterious invaders on the way to Io’s home, they run into an exploding monster and a mysterious bureaucracy.

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We Don’t Need Another Spring Preview Post


I’ve always tried to make my preview posts a little different. Whether that is through projecting my own ending based on the title name, or just writing crap all over a chart, I’ve tried to make them all different from each other. To be honest, you shouldn’t really go to me for season previews since I hardly know what I’m talking about, and there are better options available. I’ll try to do my best to make this interesting since there are a small number of you out there that subscribe. Fortunately, the anime getting the most buzz is

SEED Destiny Remaster

I had to try that once. There’s no way in hell this is getting 13 comments let alone 130.

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