12 Days of Something II: I Timed This So Badly

Shockingly, Nisemonogatari doesn't make the list.

Shockingly, Nisemonogatari doesn’t make the list.

What you are reading here is the beginning of this blog’s 500th post. I worked it out so amazingly well that it falls dead in the middle of another bunch of posts and so it will be buried for weeks on end. So in that spirit, I’ve decided to do a list of my top anime. The humiliation won’t last all that long because of when this is scheduled thankfully.

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40 Seasons in 40 Days: Spring 2000

Maybe this says more about South Park's staying power than anything.

The spring season is usually when the best series (or just most in recent years) arrive. In 2000, there obviously weren’t that many being released. There were a few good shows in this season, and I think I watched most of them here. Another thing I noticed was that the start dates weren’t front loaded at the beginning of the month and that there was a nice even spread. I guess that’s possible with so little competition out there. Continue reading