12 Days of Something VI: It Will Never Last


I was in a really dark place at the beginning of the year. The darkest depression I’ve ever known with little hope or prospect of a future. My job was terrible and I thought that I was never going to get out of it. Yet, there was just one little thing that kept me going the whole time.

I’m not even a supporter of Leicester City, but the run last season to ultimately win the league made me feel that there was still hope in the world. Even the 3-1 victory at Manchester City which was the source of the tweet and my feeling was unexpected, but still joyful. Some of that may have dissipated in the last 6 months, but for a brief moment, all was well in the world.

That’s the thing about being a sports fan. Upsets are supposed to happen on one-off occasions. Going though a long season and ending up with an unfancied team at the top just doesn’t happen. It will never last as they would say.

Since I have to pull this back to being at least somewhat relevant to anime and manga, the story is very much like if Giant Killing had a 2nd season. Not in the sense of continuing the same season, but an actual new season in their league. Actually, let’s not go there because at least the characters in that series seem like nice people that don’t live in a highly paid bubble.

For all the plaudits about how miraculous things were there were plenty of negatives. First, their was an incident in Thailand where a group of players made a racist sex tape. This led to 3 reserve players being sacked including then manager Nigel Pearson’s son. Next was an incident in a casino involving star striker Jamie Vardy where he used racist language toward an Asian man. Of course, since he was useful they didn’t sack him, and he would be the club’s top scorer in their title campaign. Then there was this incident a couple years back involving defender Robert Huth. Never meet your heroes.

Since I don’t want to end this on such a negative note, my life is a lot better now. Talking to people helps and not being so focused on objectives makes life a little easier. I’m watching less anime these days, but that is a topic for another day.

Pointless Debate #14: Thoughts on Fandom

Another cliffhanger, how about not ending an episode with one?

As it has come up several times in various conversations on Twitter, I have this complete wall of separation between my real life and my guise online. I don’t know when or how that came to pass, but it’s rarely ever been something I talked about. With My Sister Can’t Be This Cute (or the romanized version in the tag if you lean that way), the subject keeps coming up in my own thoughts as much as the desperate and ultimately pointless quest Kirino endures to maintain separate lives.

As this post is really going to be personal experiences relating to the title of this post, I doubt it will really get to the root of anything.

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