40 Seasons in 40 Days: Spring 2001

Would this completely one-sided affair be of any interest without the scenery?

As I’ve said before, the early part of this decade really should be considered the malaise era. There’s not a whole lot going with new series, and not very much of it is good at all. This season would prove no exception.

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40 Seasons in 40 Days: Winter 2002

Milfeulle Sakuraba buried in flowers

Galaxy Angel can do both aesthetically pleasing and comedy at the same time.

The 11th part of this retrospective series continues in the early part of the decade. The way things are panning out, I may just start calling the 2000-05 years the malaise era for anime. A couple series here and there is the pattern, and there’s really no consistency in quality. This time I have six different watched, some good, some not.

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40 Seasons in 40 Days: Fall 2002

Fourth wall? What fourth wall?

Part 3 of this 40 part series takes a trip back a little over 3 years from yesterday’s post. The best way I can think of summarizing it is the season of sequels. There were a number of shows in their second season, or would go on to have multiple seasons made…eventually. Again, I could have chosen better over the years and that will come up in my unseen section at the end.

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