12 Days of Something III: The Year in Bad Drops

This is generally how I look when I drop things

During the course of a normal year watching anime, I drop a lot of shows. It ends up being about 9 out of every 20 from my reckoning. That said, I make many, many mistakes in the eyes of my readers, followers on twitter, or people who even think of the name Emperor J. That includes those who have lived in mountain monasteries their entire lives and have no concept of blogging in their minds. So to further their confirmation bias of my taste, I present to you the list of my worst drops as rated by MAL and other comments throughout the year.

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The Return of the Recap 42

It’s time to bring this feature back for the 599th post on this blog. I suppose I should do something special for that one. I’ll get around to coming up with something this week. This is the first time I’ve done a roundup collectively of the summer. I hope that’s been enough to separate the bad from the good. Unfortunately, I’m almost certain that’s eliminated any other series that my readers are still watching. I have a tendency to do that almost every single time.

But first a little digression on what’s happened this week tied to the man I’ve pictured above. That would be Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun. The undoubted superstar of the club in Major League Baseball’s smallest market, 2011 National League MVP, 5-time All-Star and as of this week admitted drugs cheat. In the midst of that season, I had the unusual luck of catching the same cross-country flight as him, but as it was 2am I really made no note of it other than the coincidence of being on the same plane. This is more about fandom though. While the figures involved in creating something may go on to be a future disgrace, the thing they created will still exist. Urobuchi may now live on overhyped projects that chop women to bits and have characters say funny things just for laughs, but Madoka will still always exist. And while the season may be lost for Milwaukee now, come March 31st next season there will still be baseball played, and Braun will probably be starting in left field.

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Silver Spoon: A Quick Take

He was born with one is the implication.
A silver spoon means this show is over.

Yugo finds himself working in the alien environment that is an agricultural high school in Hokkaido in the first episode of this Noitamina series. He quickly finds that the place he chose to attend is filled with people whose life paths have already been determined while he simply wanted to go somewhere that wasn’t home. He’s forced to deal with the clear difference in intellectual and practical skills all the while struggling to deal with having to work hard in his first days of school. He slowly figures it out by the end of the episode by virtue of eggs.

This is obviously a fish out of water story with a lead that shouldn’t be as far out of touch as he is. He’s from the same part of the country, but you would think that he was just some kid from Tokyo who went as far away as possible to end up in Hokkaido. I think there was one scene in particular that tried to convey just how different he was from the rest of the students at the school. He was talking to Keiji about math, and Keiji didn’t seem to have an understanding about even basic algebra. Meanwhile in the background, other students were busy discussing the implications and techniques of cloning animals on food supply and the impact that would have on Japan’s ability to restrict imports of certain kinds of animals. This after all was a purpose built school fit to graduate students who would be able to move on to become farmers, agricultural scientists, veterinarians and the like.

There’s also an interesting point made about the egg and the sources of food. Keiji is a depth of knowledge in this area in knowing that the school’s method of egg farming wasn’t exactly internationally accepted. Plus, the source egg production that proved to be a hurdle that Yugo struggled over. By the end of the episode, his desire to eat an egg overwhelmed his disgust at where it came from and he ate it. That egg was the very first hurdle he would have to overcome to survive the 3 years at this school.

As for production, it doesn’t really stand out much at all. Perfectly average in such a way as to not offend anyone. That’s the path Noitamina seems to be choosing now. While it means fewer Guilty Crowns or Black Rock Shooters, it also means that it will not live as long in the memory either. It’s better for name recognition to be infamously bad than to be okay.

Reasons to Continue Watching

  • This cannot possibly offend anyone in any way possible unless you are looking to be
  • The supporting characters are realistic
  • Possibly has an interesting point to make on how urban society is separated from the source of their food

Reasons to Drop

  • They state the name of the show in the 11th minute. There were once people who left when title drops were used in films, so why not here?
  • Will hardly live long in the memory after watching
  • The story of Yugo struggling to fit in with the rest of his peers may veer off into stupid territory

My Verdict: I don’t think this did much wrong, but it’s as adventurous as a butter knife. I’m going to continue watching in the hope that changes. I’ll be the first to admit I prefer glorious failure over average, but this seems too much like the latter.

The Picture Because I Quit Summer Season Previews

Will this win?
Will this win?

The Summer Preview Because I Quit Spring

I needed an image to fill this, and no you don't need context.
I needed an image to fill this, and no you don’t need context.

This is probably the first post where I’ve actually tried to get assistance from other people in it’s creation. For the most part this is just a fairly standard preview with my opinions in it plus some other information. I wish I could have been a bit more creative with that, but I can only work with what I’ve got.

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