Pointless Debate #3: Second Season Syndrome

Have you ever gotten to a stage in life where you have reached a goal and then complacency set in? There are plenty of examples of bands making second albums that are garbage or the exact same in comparison to their first, athletes playing hard on a contract year and then mailing it in once they have their money or politicians ignoring their constituents with re-election seemingly in the bag. This being an anime blog after all, there are plenty of examples from that world too. Continue reading Pointless Debate #3: Second Season Syndrome

40 Seasons in 40 Days: Winter 2005

A fun scene in a fun episode of Iriya.

The winter of 2005 still remains hard for me to quantify. Perhaps it is more of a nothing season than a transition point. There were not a whole lot of original shows here, with remakes, spinoffs and sequels making up about half of what I watched. There was also plenty of depression involved in this too, but I doubt that was intended as well.

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