On Fun After 6 Years

There haven’t been many posts by me recently. The main reason for that comes down to the whole idea of having fun. If I’m not having fun with whatever I’m watching it will definitely come through like that on the post. I will be perfectly honest in saying that I’m not having very much fun recently. This particular blog, like almost all of the things I am involved with in my everyday life has always been a solo project. I think all of that has really started to take a toll on me recently. Work hasn’t been fun1 and everything else has sort of felt like work. I keep telling myself “just get to the end of November and everything will be fine,” but will it?

Rather than wasting more of your time on personal issues that none of you care about2, I’m going to go the anime contrarian/hipster3 route and talk about some of the shows this season that you are not watching. Continue reading On Fun After 6 Years