12 Days of Something II: I Timed This So Badly

Shockingly, Nisemonogatari doesn't make the list.

Shockingly, Nisemonogatari doesn’t make the list.

What you are reading here is the beginning of this blog’s 500th post. I worked it out so amazingly well that it falls dead in the middle of another bunch of posts and so it will be buried for weeks on end. So in that spirit, I’ve decided to do a list of my top anime. The humiliation won’t last all that long because of when this is scheduled thankfully.

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The Lower Mid-Table Summer (of Failure) Season Preview

This chart should only be indicative of the fact that I can think like I’m 10.

The start of summer (or winter Southern Hemisphere folks) brings with it plenty of things. Where I’m at that means heat, humidity and ridiculously inflated utility bills in a quest to maintain some adequate level of comfort. On a much more relevant note, it also means another new season of series to watch. I think in the past, the summer season has largely been dismissed as inferior to the spring and fall seasons. So I decided to look back 5 years to see what came out of that summer. Continue reading

40 Seasons in 40 Days: Spring 2006

Behind this facade hides a vicious personality...just kidding.

The spring of 2006 is one of my favorite seasons of the decade, or at the very least one of the most interesting. For the two years prior, the number of new series had been climbing slowly, until this one, which was the real start of an explosion in production numbers. There’s quite a few popular shows from this season, and I probably didn’t hit them all to be honest.

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Endless Eight in Getting the Format All Wrong

Yes Kyon, you've done this before. It could also be said this would have worked in one episode too.

Yes Kyon, you've done this before. It could also be said this would have worked in one episode too.

Yes, another post devoted to the time loop goodness that is the Endless Eight arc of 2nd series of The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi. Amongst the many topics that have been an expression of personal enjoyment going against a perceived notion that the arc could be trolling or just bad in general, or my own momentary decision to call the series itself “Endless Eight” and even a joke that the arc was approaching the running time of Groundhog Day, which has already happened. After commenting that I thought the format of the arc was all wrong, but could be enjoyed anyway, I’ve decided to take a look at how this arc could have been done.

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The Story of A Failed Anime Fan: Shows that Influence This Particular Person

My beloved audience of 0, may I now present a slightly personal story here. When I’m not suffering from crippling writer’s block, deciding whether to play Dirk Kuyt or Amr Zaki in my fantasy football team, or even gauging modern society’s future, I actually watch a lot of anime. An outsider with no knowledge of anything other than the term otaku;with all of its negative implications, could probably call me that. However, I would argue that I would be a failure at that.

Now this topic has been covered numerous times elsewhere in recent times, so this isn’t exactly uncovered territory. I write this in the hopes really that it brings a new perspective as someone who would undoubtedly be considered an outsider in the community. These shows I feel best reflect my experience as a fan of anime, and in a lot of cases they aren’t considered very good at all. Continue reading