LMT’s Best of 2012

I think they got some things reversed here.
I think they got some things reversed here.
After yesterday’s rather absurd end-of-year ranking based solely on week-to-week viewing, I thought it may be best to provide a real ranking of the series that finished in the year 2012. Rather than just settle for just a simple top 10, I went over the top and just went for all 37 I completed this year. The first 27 of these will just be short descriptions of why I did, or did not like a particular series. After that, there’s a bit more detail. I hope you enjoy this, and feel free to let me know how wrong/right I was about the anime that aired in 2012 in the comments. Continue reading LMT’s Best of 2012

12 Days of Something II: A Tale of Two Halves

This is legitimately terribad, and I thought it was better than Hyouka.
This is legitimately terribad, and I thought it was better than Hyouka.

Jormungand, Sengoku Collection, Lupin the 3rd: Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna, Natsuiro Kiseki, Nazo no Kanojo X, Tasogare Otome x Amnesia, Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan, Sakamichi no Apollon, Haiyore! Nyaruko-san, Upotte!!, Space Brothers, Queen’s Blade Rebellion…I know that’s technically a list rather than a real sentence, but that is the list of shows that began in the spring season and would have been in the top five episodes I watched each week. There’s probably a very noticeable series that did not make that list if you kept track of when I started doing those weekly recaps again. That would be Hyouka if you were paying attention.

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A Milestone Amount of Time Has Passed and Therefore I Must Write About It #4

Speaking of train wrecks…

These posts are never easy, in fact, I believe the previous 3 iterations of these have been absolute train wrecks. So instead of worry about that, I thought I would do something a bit differently. After all, I can’t do top X lists of my favorites of all-time, properly reflect on changes in my life or even retire from this blog because I haven’t found a reason to do so yet.

Back in the first week of this experiment when there was no set topic for what I would even write on, I described myself as a failure of a fan, but that’s beside the point. It was the popular thing to talk about series that influenced one as a fan. So in grand style, I’ve decided to retread that particular story and talk about the shows that have influenced me most since then. Nothing special or depressing here I hope. I’d have to really be trying to wedge that in. So without any further delay here they are.

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The Return of the Recap 8

This week’s Terribad had a Shrek-clone. Fun.

The summer season is winding down. I have a fall preview post written, but haven’t posted for the dumbest reason. Maybe next week. I also have something big later this week that is hanging on my mind, but enough about real life. This is the recap of everything I watched this week. I officially gave up on Lagrange, as it was becoming too frustrating to watch, even with just 3 episodes remaining. I prefer not to chase lost causes, “like Koichoco,” I didn’t add.

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The Return of the Weekly Recap #7

That chocolate looks pretty tasty. Especially when consumed in anger.

It’s now getting toward the end of the season. It should be the very moment when the shows I watch improve vastly to leave an impression on me as a member of the audience. Instead, it was a week where everyone was tripping over themselves to be the next show to crap the bed. Only 2 shows get any real credit this week. As for terribad, it didn’t happen this week because nobody can be arsed without my fantasy football opponent nor a certain aniblogger based in Northern Ireland. Maybe next week for that. As for the lack of Lagrange, it’s not dropped…yet.

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The Return of the Weekly Recap #6

This classy spell from one of the classiest anime I saw this week.

This week on the weekly recap that seems to be running out of steam each time I write it, there is the usual combination of currently airing and catching up on older shows. This week’s features a classy show of the type featured at The Classiest Anime. As for anything else going on the the world around here, there hasn’t been much beyond my slow, slow attempt to play through Persona 4 for the first time and my propensity not to save often enough. On that sad note, it’s time to get this thing back underway.

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The Return of the Weekly Recap #5

No lazy national stereotypes here…ok, there may be a few but it’s not my fault.

It was one of those so-so sort of weeks here in this part of the world. Actually, for certain people from this part of the world, it was a massive week. However, for me, personally, nothing of note. Anyway, it’s on to another one of my weekly recaps where my mountain of factual errors, ridiculous opinions and a general lack of taste serve as the source of entertainment…I think. So on with what I watched.

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The Return of the Weekly Recap #4

This week’s content is as classy as this camera angle.

Some changes to the title of this series of posts as it never actually was accurate due to Space Bros coming out so late on the Saturday here. As far as quality, it wasn’t the best week. It did, however, allow me to catch up on a certain show that ended up featuring in my comment for Kevo’s weekly Anime Power Ranking post. Perhaps I should catchup on more during the week since I have this massive gap from Sunday to Thursday without anything to watch.

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What I Watched the Week of August 11

My attempt at drunk politics this week was not as happy as this

And so another week passes in this rather ordinary summer. The weather has thankfully been cooling off. On the other hand, the new season of my other fandom has kicked off this weekend. That could mean the end of these weekly recaps even though they feature the only shows other people are watching since episode 4 proved to be the ragequitting point of Koichoco for a good number of people. So here is how they turned out:

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What I Watched the Week of August 4

In a quest to further distract me from posting decent content here, the football is back on. At least one Belgian decided that the sport is actually a comedy.

In light of the fact that there still is no Koichoco for another week, I have to submit you to another one of these weekly recap posts. Hopefully that should go away once the corporate sponsorship orgy taking place in the British capital finishes up and everything returns to normal. So to kick this off, I did not watch anything beyond the currently airing, and terribad was a very special live-action movie called Ninja Terminator. Thanks to Shinmaru for the recommendation on that.

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The Rest of What I Watched The Week of July 28

Trying to drink the substance that powers terribad anime straight from the tap.

Since there was no Koichoco episode to write about this week, I figured now was as good a time as any to revisit the weekly roundup posts that were never popular here in the first place. Why would anyone go here for this stuff anyway, but I digress. Summer typically isn’t a good season for me to watch lots of series and I don’t think I missed out on much from last summer. Combined with the fact that I evidently have an extraordinarily bad history of voting in the Anime Power Rankings which I have been tracking my own votes throughout the year, I could throw in running rankings as I do these posts if it becomes a regular feature.

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Pointless Debate #29: Moments of Transcendence

Eden of the East’s 2nd episode features this picture where the background symbolism and the topic discussed match perfectly

Recently there have been a few moments this season that have I have found a plenty of interest. These go far beyond thinking that I had watched something that was merely cool or amazing on the surface. Then again, I could also be reading far too much into this again, but there is a reason why this is Pointless Debate. The question is this: what makes a scene transcend the medium itself?
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