Pointless Debate #32: Remembering the Malaise Era

This just about captures my feelings for the time.

It’s certainly been a long time since I used the term “Malaise Era” to refer to anime. Actually it goes back to that terrible idea of writing 40 posts in 40 days about the anime of the 00s. I can’t help but do a lot of revisiting that time period since much of the terribad anime actually predates the period I’m talking about. I’m referring specifically to the period from roughly 1997 through 2005. Continue reading Pointless Debate #32: Remembering the Malaise Era

Pointless Debate #11: Favorite Characters

I was really close to putting one of these 2 for a favorite character, but I didn't pull the trigger

After ghostlightning once again set the agenda over at the creatively named THAT Anime Blog, and with followups from Rakuen at Borderline Hikikomori and Caraniel’s…Ramblings, I thought I may as well have a go at something like this too. Categorization of the characters in these posts have broken down into words like admirable, complex, entertaining and relatable. I would also think there are other ways to have favorite characters, which could even be in reaction to the favorites of others; positively or negatively. One could even have characters that are favorites for irony.

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February 14: A Requiem

And this is definitely outside the normal paradigm of Valentine's Day episodes

Valentine’s Day in anime is usually portrayed in about four different ways. I’d would call these apprehension or aggression on the female side and hope or fatigue on the male side. There are variations on these of course, but they generally go within this framework on the decision on type of chocolate the girl gives to a boy or whether the boy gets anything at all. White Day, on the other hand, may as well not exist.

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40 Seasons in 40 Days: Summer 2005

Finally, I get an excuse to use this image again.

Normally, it would be easy to say a season containing something with a MAL rating below 2.9 would by default be the worst season ever. That’s a bit unfair, though it probably makes bottom 5 because of it. There’s a lot of stuff here, a couple of which I didn’t feel like burning my clothing and take a long cold shower afterwards. Alright, that’s exaggerating just a bit.

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40 Seasons in 40 Days: Spring 2005

As far as shows within shows, it is hard to top Binkan Salaryman for absurdity

The 7th part of this series contains some quirky series that I happen to like, since I think I’ve probably been a little to vaguely critical to this point. However, I didn’t actually finish all that much. So what follows is some comedy, some harem, comedy harem and a one-shot OVA with an unpopular theme.

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