The Return of the Recap 14

To endure some of the shows that I watch requires Koko-esque drinking ability.

Beginning one’s Christmas shopping is probably a good idea for those who actually celebrate or are condemned to go to a celebration at some point in the next 6 weeks. For the most part, it’s been a week of trying to cram in those unfortunate Secret Santa series that I will be writing on around the holiday. It could be worse I suppose, but I’m judging that entirely by a writer for another blog go off on streams of obscenities as they watch another episode of Sword Art Online. Continue reading The Return of the Recap 14

Pointless Debate #30: Defending the Indefensible

Unfortunately, nothing involving the finest episode of 2012 came up when drafting this post.

As this seems to be a day where some are making ridiculous arguments about preferences in their favorite anime, I figured I may as well jump on this bandwagon before it leaves never to return (or in 4 months). I’ve also decided to use the mighty power of Twitter to try to come up with ideas in this post to try to defend based on the title. Needless to say, I may have picked a bad day to do this. (Note: none of the views expressed below represent my real opinion on views, they are just my attempts to defend indefensible views on specific topics)

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40 Seasons in 40 Days: Fall 2006

Just something for the female and non-traditional male readers.

The fall of 2006 was an interesting season. Visual novel adaptations had never really worked out in practice, but yet this season they truly piled them up. There were a couple of shows which attracted massive numbers of fans. I would lean toward this being one of the better seasons of the decade even with the amount of crap I watched. Continue reading 40 Seasons in 40 Days: Fall 2006

40 Seasons in 40 Days: Winter 2002

Milfeulle Sakuraba buried in flowers
Galaxy Angel can do both aesthetically pleasing and comedy at the same time.

The 11th part of this retrospective series continues in the early part of the decade. The way things are panning out, I may just start calling the 2000-05 years the malaise era for anime. A couple series here and there is the pattern, and there’s really no consistency in quality. This time I have six different watched, some good, some not.

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The Story of A Failed Anime Fan: Shows that Influence This Particular Person

My beloved audience of 0, may I now present a slightly personal story here. When I’m not suffering from crippling writer’s block, deciding whether to play Dirk Kuyt or Amr Zaki in my fantasy football team, or even gauging modern society’s future, I actually watch a lot of anime. An outsider with no knowledge of anything other than the term otaku;with all of its negative implications, could probably call me that. However, I would argue that I would be a failure at that.

Now this topic has been covered numerous times elsewhere in recent times, so this isn’t exactly uncovered territory. I write this in the hopes really that it brings a new perspective as someone who would undoubtedly be considered an outsider in the community. These shows I feel best reflect my experience as a fan of anime, and in a lot of cases they aren’t considered very good at all. Continue reading The Story of A Failed Anime Fan: Shows that Influence This Particular Person