Karneval: A Quick Take

Useful one and useless one.
“You look…so pretty.”

A young boy carrying the bracelet of a man he was fond of and a thief end up running away from a monster before becoming involved in the actions of a secret organization in the first episode of Karneval. Nai wakes up being trapped in the clutches of a strange woman before Gareki arrives to steal things. The woman transforms into a monster and through Gareki’s use of explosives they are able to escape. As they leave the city, they get involved in the actions of an organization called Circus as a hostage situation takes place on a train. Using Nai’s powerful hearing, Gareki and Hirato save the passengers from doom. However, all wasn’t as it seemed on that train.

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We Don’t Need Another Spring Preview Post


I’ve always tried to make my preview posts a little different. Whether that is through projecting my own ending based on the title name, or just writing crap all over a chart, I’ve tried to make them all different from each other. To be honest, you shouldn’t really go to me for season previews since I hardly know what I’m talking about, and there are better options available. I’ll try to do my best to make this interesting since there are a small number of you out there that subscribe. Fortunately, the anime getting the most buzz is

SEED Destiny Remaster

I had to try that once. There’s no way in hell this is getting 13 comments let alone 130.

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