Chronicles of the Go Home Club : A Quick Take

Man versus bear, an eternal war.

Natsumi makes a joke about joining the Go Home Club to a friend, then is instantly whisked away to a real Go Home Club in this first episode. Once there, she finds a trio of eccentric characters whose purpose in the club is to do fun things. Hilarity does (not) ensue.

This is yet another one of those series that is about nothing happening in a high school club that seems to serve no purpose. The most comparable series to this would be GJ-bu in that respect, but it would be horribly cruel on that series to do so. It actually goes into another pile that makes one reconsider this niche genre’s very existence.

There’s little charm in this cast of characters. Natsuki herself is just a lazy high school girl who is only there because Karin drags her there. That’s Karin’s only purpose as far as I can tell. Then there are the older members who are “special.” Sakura is the leader in so far as she’s the one capable of having fun easiest. Botan and Claire happen to be so rich, and powerful in the former’s case, that it really doesn’t matter who they are as characters. Claire is rich, so she has no common sense. Botan is strong so she has…no common sense. The comedy here relies on all 5 characters being dumb. This could work in a stoner comedy, but definitely not here.

As for the production levels, they can be summed up in one feature of this episode. Such was the cry for help from the writers that the episode tried to end early twice. If only it had.

Reasons to Continue Watching

    • Fun is the driving idea here
    • Epic bear combat
    • The 4th wall isn’t really a thing here

    Reasons to Drop

      • Pathetic hit rate on the jokes
      • Incredibly hard to relate to characters
      • The reliance on stupidity

      My Verdict: I’m questioning this genre now. Is it completely out of ideas now? I shall not be sticking around to find out in this case.

      The Picture Because I Quit Summer Season Previews

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      I needed an image to fill this, and no you don’t need context.

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