40 Seasons in 40 Days: Spring 2005

As far as shows within shows, it is hard to top Binkan Salaryman for absurdity

The 7th part of this series contains some quirky series that I happen to like, since I think I’ve probably been a little to vaguely critical to this point. However, I didn’t actually finish all that much. So what follows is some comedy, some harem, comedy harem and a one-shot OVA with an unpopular theme.

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The Worst Stuff I Have Ever Watched #2

This promotional pic is 75% as animated as the actual series
This promotional pic is 75% as animated as the actual series

Legend of Duo

“my last (anime) is going to be something so appalling horrible it drives me insane”


  • The music is pretty much average, with a bonus of no OP or ED to ruin things.
  • Like Kevin Bacon in Tremors, Sugita Tomokazu proves himself to be far too good to be in this.
  • Attempts to maintain visual novel like minimalist feel
  • Unintentional comedy rating of 86 out of 100


  • At it’s best, the animation resembles a lazy flash animation, at worst it could hardly be called animation.
  • The vampire hunter role (I don’t even care to remember if the character had a name) provided a performance straight out of IKEA.
  • Rest of the cast’s other roles in anime include Young Man 1 and Passerby C
  • SNL’s Automatic Death Disease was far more creative than the way randoms are killed off in this.

Basically, what you have here is one hour of shounen ai vampire drama that utterly fails. While there is some comedy out of the fact that a puppy being kicked leads directly to cannibalism, few would think that it was intentional. The shounen ai aspect also fails because it desperately feels the need to hold back at all times rather than embrace what it really wants to be. The overall plot, basically the vampire Duo exposing the darkest side of humanity to Zieg, is pretty weak but not too terrible. High concept anime it is, successful it is not.

Once again, if you feel a particular need to give me something else to torture myself on, add something in the comments.