12 Days of Something VI: A Very Bad Idea

This is always how good ideas start.

Picking up from last year, Aeroblip and I have continued our quest to drink through every good ecchi and/or harem anime that has ever been made. Highlights from this year have included Highschool of the DeadPrison School and of course Needless. This was just a random show I thought of, but I had to turn to one particular expert on the series to verify how much drinking would be involved.

Challenge accepted. I trust Avvesione’s judgement. I met the guy in Seattle for Sakuracon and he was cool, though we could never decide which school was the real UW.

Needless as an anime is definitely an experience. The ending is kind of anime-original bullshit, but what comes before it is definitely fun. The story is set in a post-apocalyptic world where humans have exiled people with powers; called Needless; into ghettos. This particular world is run by Simeon Pharmaceuticals. The story is primarily about a boy called Cruz Schild and the several Needless he runs into along his journey to take the fight to Simeon. The first two are Adam Blade and Eve Neuschwanstein (this is intentional) and they only get weirder from there.

An example of Needless‘s aesthetic.

As a drinking experience, there are definitely segments where there is lots and lots of drinking. Mainly when the trio of Setsuna, Mio and Kuchinashi are engaged in any sort of fighting.

A better example of Needless’s aesthetic.

The structure of the series relies heavily on these three as they are the primary opponents Cruz and the gang fight along the way. They pop in and out once the series goes all God-like with the powers though they are never too far out of sight. The series basically ends on a 15 episode battle arc, which is 60% of the series length, just to give you an idea of how oddly-paced Needless is.

Is this not waifu material? At least best girl.

That’s not to say there are no enjoyable parts to Needless when not intoxicated. Solva was definitely my favorite character as far as the transition from innocent girl to full blown sadist who was angry all the time. Just remember, it’s the same voice actress as Chihaya from Idolm@ster. Even Eve making up names for everyone except Adam Blade was enjoyable.

In Needless, you can tell a character’s strength by the size of their popped collars.

As for a recommendation, if you are planning on drinking to fanservice, you probably won’t remember half the series and you will probably be detoxing if you go stupid with the amount of alcohol. If you aren’t, it’s still fun, but after 19 episodes read the manga instead because the anime ending is dumb.

12 Days of Something VI: Brainless Entertainment

Just ignore that thing in my eye, it means nothing.

Each year there seems to be an ever growing number of series that are fantastically action-filled and fun to watch as long as one does not care about such matters as plot or character development. I may not have watched much in the 2nd half of the year, but the winner of this category in 2016 was established before summer began. I’m decreeing that the award for Brainless Entertainment in the medium of anime is awarded to Big Order.

That’s not a joke.

Previous winners of this award that I just made up for this post include Triage XTo Aru Majutsu no Index II: The Punchening, Sekirei, and Needless. Hell, I didn’t even watch that last one until I was getting utterly blitzed by endless panty shots, but I digress. The things these shows have in common are tons of fanservice shots, plenty of action, and the complete ability to have no idea what the plot was having watched all of it.

So here’s what one needs to know about Big Order*:

  • Eiji is fucking clueless as a leader, but he knows he’s a mere puppet
  • In the manner of Star Trek, Eiji’s crew sends him out because why the hell not, he’s the main character.
  • Eiji is also into his younger sister…yeah in that way.
  • Rin in funny for dying repeatedly in one episode, but because she’s immortal she keeps coming back for more punishment.
  • Iyo is best girl
  • Big Order also shows the most comical understanding of how humans reproduce in anime
  • Half the 10 episodes are devoted to something like NTR bullshit, yet I still finished

If none of that has turned you off from watching the best brainless anime of the year, then go ahead and enjoy Big Order. I’m not being paid to say that either since who the hell would take my opinion on this blog seriously to begin with.

*statements may not be entirely accurate