Pointless Debate #27: Multi Fandom

The inspiration for this post, the intersections of fandom.

I’ll start by saying that I was inspired by the first episode of Space Bros into writing this post. Actually, it was more a case of the opening few minutes in how milestones were marked. The older brother Mutta was born in the aftermath of the Agony of Doha, when the Japan conceded an equalizer to Iraq in the final 1994 World Cup qualifier. Hibito was born as Hideo Nomo was putting the finishing touches on his first no hitter in Major League Baseball. The day their lives changed was on the same date as the 2006 World Cup final.

I was just impressed that milestones in their lives were marked by sporting events. It’s just something people who are really into something do. There was an episode of This American Life in which one of the interviewees uses Penn State football to remember dates and more. In my own experience, those same dates in order I was an annoying 10 year old who was vaguely excited about the World Cup coming to my country the next summer, I was watching a cut-in on the no-hitter and I was in a cramped room live blogging the World Cup final while IMing one of my former college roommates. The temperature in that room was near 40 C, but I shall spare any additional details. Even in that, you can tell that there’s more detail as I was more emotionally involved in what was happening and where I was.

The attention to detail that went into this opening segment was impressive. They even nailed the facial hair Ellis Burks was sporting that season.

I’ll just continue on with sports fandom a bit. I like to think of the time between games as a non-fiction narrative. Fans talk to each other about their teams, creating a level of expectation for the next game or for an entire season. For generations this has gone on, and it has only been enhanced by the emergence of newer and more interactive sources of media.

I was such a big fan of Madoka that I didn't even realize that there was stuff after the end credits in the final episode until 2 weeks ago.

I always wonder if people feel the same while watching their favorite shows. As an example, do people remember what they were doing right before the final 2 episodes of Madoka aired? I can’t seem to think of any sort of marker in watching anime, apart from maybe January 3, 2009, though that was more relevant to writing now.

And finally I can use this in a relevant post.

That has had me thinking that perhaps I’m just not enough of a fan. I may have seen many series over the years, but maybe I don’t know enough about what I’m watching. I sometimes feel this blog lacks enthusiasm because I’m not solely dedicated to the media I write about. Then again, I was enough of a fan to actually put my thoughts out in long form so that must count for something.

Actually what I’m really interested in is finding out what other interests people out there have apart from anime and manga. Do you feel as passionate about that and contribute to that community as often as you do in this part of the internet? Am I being too serious about this topic as well?

Pointless Debate #21: The Suggestion Box

Will this cake make up for what follows?

It can be said that using something like a mailbox for a post is really scraping the bottom of the barrel. In that spirit I have grabbed a spoon and am prepared to dive right in on various topics that were sent in over the last day or 2.

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Dispatches from the Spring Season Part 1

This was the thing that kicked off the spring season. They're so cute whey they're young.

Being the serial dropper of series that I am, I set a new challenge for myself for the spring season. I would not drop anything I started. This was not without a few caveats for I had several already existing rules on what to watch:

  • Nothing from Madhouse (also known as the Grenoble rule which expires May 27)
  • No starting anything that would have no definitive end as I don’t want to spend a decade watching filler
  • Anything made for children under the age of 8 was no good (feral children scare me so why would I want to think like them?)
  • And thanks to Scamp, no Go Nagai
  • Finally, no sequels of shows I failed to complete the first time around

No worries however as I’m going to try to make this as entertaining an experience as possible. Just one more reminder, don’t expect much in the way of serious analysis (that was all used up on Giant Killing).

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