12 Days of Something VI: An 8 Minute Lesson In Taking Care of a Sick Person

A valid description of this particular episode.

My Wife is the Student Council President! (or Okusama ga Seitokaichou! for those who prefer those sorts of titles) is rarely anything but the most classy anime series this season. The adaptation of Nakata Yumi’s ecchi manga centered on a world where girls wearing ill fitting clothing only when they are in the protagonist’s face has proven to be one of this writer’s favorite things to see in recent months because it simply does it’s own thing. The 5th episode of the second season proved to be among the most classy things that aired this year in any format. I can only provide annotations to show you proof below.

That’s just a normal cold silly.
That’s because it’s your fiance Izumi-kun.
This seems like a perfectly nice thing to do.
Careful now, Izumi-kun. You gave Ui too much rice porridge.
Fortunately the school nurse lives next door and she can do an examination.
Look, she even has medicine to help make Ui feel better.


Again, that seems like something nice to do.

See, he’s even reading the directions to make sure everything’s fine.
Sorry, please disregard this. It must’ve ended up in here by mistake.