A Distinct Lack of Depth to the Current Season

This seemingly has the opposite effect to the character who really matters in BakaTest

Every season lately it seems as though I’m able to find some flaw in anything new, which then goes on to ruin the experience. Maybe it’s a distinct lack of “must watch” feel to anything airing right now, but then again others would disagree with that. Maybe the last time I experienced that was watching one of the bad seasons of 24 and laughing off plot absurdity and disrespect for constitutional law like nothing. What follows is pretty much unfiltered rant material on everything I have watched this season.

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The Winter Season Moves On

Having your 4-year-old son dissect a supernatural being is just what any loving father would do.

Maybe this weekly update needs to be fine tuned a bit. The 5th episode of Durarara!! was my favorite episode of the week, but in the process of writing a post I found it quite difficult to actually put something together. It could be the echoes of James Joyce that I find in the series narrative that I find interesting, it could also be the fact that it isn’t too hard to find certain Ikebukuro landmarks in the series on Google Earth or a number of other things. Trying to put that together in just a single weekly update would probably be cheapening it up a bit. Whether I will ever get around to writing that particular post is an open question. Anyway, this will be more of a standard weekly update.

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The Massive 2nd Episodes Catch Up Post

Much like this post, there's a bunch of useless junk seemingly out of place.

After watching the 2nd episode of Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu, I felt extremely frustrated to the point where I had to take a little break from watching anything new. The experience of watching Space Runaway Ideon while purely paying attention to body count suddenly had me clamoring for something where civilians weren’t being blown up out of fear. So a shorter post for this entry, really with just thoughts on the episode since anyone reading this probably would have caught the episodes or read somewhere else anyway.

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Cat Allergies Were So Last Season; and Ryukishi07’s To Heart 2

Speaking from experience, even I know it would be impossible to play tennis with strings that loose.

Two first episodes today, one mind-numbingly dull and the other with a cat girl. Alright, not quite that bad. The bigger question I had was would either Omamori Himari or Ookami Kakushi be able to challenge Ladies versus Butlers for top on my list, or at least challenge Chu-Bra at the bottom? Continue reading Cat Allergies Were So Last Season; and Ryukishi07’s To Heart 2