The Return of the Recap 21

I think this could be referred to as an eyecatch image

I think this could be referred to as an eyecatch image

A new year has arrived and with that the start of the winter season. Also, as is my usual custom, I end up dropping a ton of shows that end up being popular. Prepare to be amazed at my disappointing taste in shows I keep around. There was also a bit of a dead period early in the week where I actually caught up on some of my backlog. This will be a long post indeed. Continue reading

The Return of the Weekly Recap #4

This week’s content is as classy as this camera angle.

Some changes to the title of this series of posts as it never actually was accurate due to Space Bros coming out so late on the Saturday here. As far as quality, it wasn’t the best week. It did, however, allow me to catch up on a certain show that ended up featuring in my comment for Kevo’s weekly Anime Power Ranking post. Perhaps I should catchup on more during the week since I have this massive gap from Sunday to Thursday without anything to watch.

Continue reading

40 Seasons in 40 Days: Fall 2006

Just something for the female and non-traditional male readers.

The fall of 2006 was an interesting season. Visual novel adaptations had never really worked out in practice, but yet this season they truly piled them up. There were a couple of shows which attracted massive numbers of fans. I would lean toward this being one of the better seasons of the decade even with the amount of crap I watched. Continue reading