Pointless Debate #32: Remembering the Malaise Era

This just about captures my feelings for the time.

It’s certainly been a long time since I used the term “Malaise Era” to refer to anime. Actually it goes back to that terrible idea of writing 40 posts in 40 days about the anime of the 00s. I can’t help but do a lot of revisiting that time period since much of the terribad anime actually predates the period I’m talking about. I’m referring specifically to the period from roughly 1997 through 2005. Continue reading Pointless Debate #32: Remembering the Malaise Era

The Return of the Recap 9

Presenting this screencap without comment.

With the fall season just about to start, I ended up getting something new to distract me from the banality of everyday life. Seeing as I’m the only one in the whole aniblogosphere who plays sports games other the Football Manager, I bought FIFA 13. In typical EA fashion the launch was botched and their servers being under maintenance has been rather annoying. You readers probably don’t care about stuff like that, so it’s on to the slim pickings that made up the last week of the Summer 2012 Anime Season.

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