12 Days of Something II: I Timed This So Badly

Shockingly, Nisemonogatari doesn't make the list.

Shockingly, Nisemonogatari doesn’t make the list.

What you are reading here is the beginning of this blog’s 500th post. I worked it out so amazingly well that it falls dead in the middle of another bunch of posts and so it will be buried for weeks on end. So in that spirit, I’ve decided to do a list of my top anime. The humiliation won’t last all that long because of when this is scheduled thankfully.

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A Milestone Amount of Time Has Passed and Therefore I Must Write About It #4

Speaking of train wrecks…

These posts are never easy, in fact, I believe the previous 3 iterations of these have been absolute train wrecks. So instead of worry about that, I thought I would do something a bit differently. After all, I can’t do top X lists of my favorites of all-time, properly reflect on changes in my life or even retire from this blog because I haven’t found a reason to do so yet.

Back in the first week of this experiment when there was no set topic for what I would even write on, I described myself as a failure of a fan, but that’s beside the point. It was the popular thing to talk about series that influenced one as a fan. So in grand style, I’ve decided to retread that particular story and talk about the shows that have influenced me most since then. Nothing special or depressing here I hope. I’d have to really be trying to wedge that in. So without any further delay here they are.

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Pointless Debate #30: Defending the Indefensible

Unfortunately, nothing involving the finest episode of 2012 came up when drafting this post.

As this seems to be a day where some are making ridiculous arguments about preferences in their favorite anime, I figured I may as well jump on this bandwagon before it leaves never to return (or in 4 months). I’ve also decided to use the mighty power of Twitter to try to come up with ideas in this post to try to defend based on the title. Needless to say, I may have picked a bad day to do this. (Note: none of the views expressed below represent my real opinion on views, they are just my attempts to defend indefensible views on specific topics)

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The Lower Mid-Table Summer (of Failure) Season Preview

This chart should only be indicative of the fact that I can think like I’m 10.

The start of summer (or winter Southern Hemisphere folks) brings with it plenty of things. Where I’m at that means heat, humidity and ridiculously inflated utility bills in a quest to maintain some adequate level of comfort. On a much more relevant note, it also means another new season of series to watch. I think in the past, the summer season has largely been dismissed as inferior to the spring and fall seasons. So I decided to look back 5 years to see what came out of that summer. Continue reading

Pointless Debate #11: Favorite Characters

I was really close to putting one of these 2 for a favorite character, but I didn't pull the trigger

After ghostlightning once again set the agenda over at the creatively named THAT Anime Blog, and with followups from Rakuen at Borderline Hikikomori and Caraniel’s…Ramblings, I thought I may as well have a go at something like this too. Categorization of the characters in these posts have broken down into words like admirable, complex, entertaining and relatable. I would also think there are other ways to have favorite characters, which could even be in reaction to the favorites of others; positively or negatively. One could even have characters that are favorites for irony.

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40 Seasons in 40 Days: Fall 2008

Probably the one thing people remember from watching the Lucky Star OVA

Before I start the 38th post as this series is starting to come to an end, that I did do a fairly similar look at this season in my anniversary post here. One thing I think I can say is that the fall season throughout this decade became a lot better by year. It is therefore no surprise I consider this miles better than the 2000-03 fall seasons. So for the few readers out there who actually read this before I started this series, this all might sound a bit familiar.

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40 Seasons in 40 Days: Summer 2007

Does the fact that the blood isn't red make this less disturbing? I think not.

The summer of 2007 was pretty much a typical summer for my standards. There were some good series scattered amidst a whole sea of crap. There was a bit of controversy thrown in for some measure too.

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40 Seasons in 40 Days: Winter 2008

Apparently this caused a bit of controversy last week, well the actual physical cover on the thing not shown did.

The 14th entry in this series goes back 2 winters ago. Like yesterday’s installment, there was a lot I covered, and not a whole lot I missed out on. That said, I would struggle to call this a great season by any means.

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Not Really The Week That Was March 5-11, but a Request

Apropos of nothing, 2 things to note in this picture. First, how on earth was that press box considered safe even by 1960 standards? Second, the goalkeeper's outfit on the far left of the picture.

Apropos of nothing, 2 things to note in this picture. First, how on earth was that press box considered safe even by 1960 standards? Second, the goalkeeper's outfit on the far left of the picture.

Because MAL decided to crap the bed and wiped out any history of what I’ve watched in the last week, and because I doubt you’d want several hundred words devoted to episode 9 of Asu no Yoichi! and only that, I’ve decided to try different. Actually, it’s really just a desperate ask of my 1.3 commenters. Continue reading