A Distinct Lack of Depth to the Current Season

This seemingly has the opposite effect to the character who really matters in BakaTest

Every season lately it seems as though I’m able to find some flaw in anything new, which then goes on to ruin the experience. Maybe it’s a distinct lack of “must watch” feel to anything airing right now, but then again others would disagree with that. Maybe the last time I experienced that was watching one of the bad seasons of 24 and laughing off plot absurdity and disrespect for constitutional law like nothing. What follows is pretty much unfiltered rant material on everything I have watched this season.

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Two Percent, and Producing with Fear

Catching children falling out of trees comes with a college education...apparently.

I went into this next block of shows with fairly low expectations. Hanamaru Kindergarden seemed like another example of more advanced moeblobs having “fun” adventures whereupon I would just quit with no hard feelings. Seikon no Qwaser…well I never thought it was going to be any good, but the first episode stunned me with its shocking quality.

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