12 Days of Something VI: Looking Ahead to 2017

Since this post will be coming on the last Sunday of one of the worst years I have never known, I think this final post of this year’s 12 Days series will look ahead to the year 2017 in anime. Believe it or not, there are actual shows I am looking forward to, if I ever have the time to get to watching them. Of course there are others that I think are probably not so good and most of them I have no opinion on. The shows below are just those I could find had announcements for production in 2017. Continue reading 12 Days of Something VI: Looking Ahead to 2017

12 Days of Something III: The Year in Bad Drops

This is generally how I look when I drop things

During the course of a normal year watching anime, I drop a lot of shows. It ends up being about 9 out of every 20 from my reckoning. That said, I make many, many mistakes in the eyes of my readers, followers on twitter, or people who even think of the name Emperor J. That includes those who have lived in mountain monasteries their entire lives and have no concept of blogging in their minds. So to further their confirmation bias of my taste, I present to you the list of my worst drops as rated by MAL and other comments throughout the year.

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Attack on Titan: A Quick Take

Mikasa will kick your ass.
Yeah, you probably want none of that.

A town that had experienced 100 years of safety from the Titans comes under attack in this first episode. The opening installment was largely a journey through the town to discover just how complacent everyone was against an attack from the Titans. Eren, however, wants to be free from the city walls even as Mikasa constantly sides with his mother and stops him. They even get involved in a fight and stop Armin from being beaten up. However, lo and behold, the Titans attack the town and one ends up eating Eren’s mother as he can only sit back and watch while being carried in the arms of a man he called drunk a few hours earlier.

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We Don’t Need Another Spring Preview Post


I’ve always tried to make my preview posts a little different. Whether that is through projecting my own ending based on the title name, or just writing crap all over a chart, I’ve tried to make them all different from each other. To be honest, you shouldn’t really go to me for season previews since I hardly know what I’m talking about, and there are better options available. I’ll try to do my best to make this interesting since there are a small number of you out there that subscribe. Fortunately, the anime getting the most buzz is

SEED Destiny Remaster

I had to try that once. There’s no way in hell this is getting 13 comments let alone 130.

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