Endings Without Context 3: Soul Eater

The fist is mightier than the oversized magical scythe.

The 3rd edition of Endings Without Context features Soul Eater, the first shounen series I’ve really attempted to write about here. This series which aired over a full year beginning in April 2008, is extremely popular (MAL rankings of 196 on score and 12th in popularity).

However, as is always the case with these things there is always at least one good reason I’m given to attempt these last episodes. The final episode has a bit of a horrible reputation. These were reflected in comments before hand which ran the spectrum from “I never finished it because I heard the last episode was shit” to “I liked the series, but that ending was shit.” With that in mind, here is what I made of watching the 51st, and obviously final episode of Soul Eater.

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