The Return of the Weekly Recap #4

This week’s content is as classy as this camera angle.

Some changes to the title of this series of posts as it never actually was accurate due to Space Bros coming out so late on the Saturday here. As far as quality, it wasn’t the best week. It did, however, allow me to catch up on a certain show that ended up featuring in my comment for Kevo’s weekly Anime Power Ranking post. Perhaps I should catchup on more during the week since I have this massive gap from Sunday to Thursday without anything to watch.

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What I Watched the Week of August 11

My attempt at drunk politics this week was not as happy as this

And so another week passes in this rather ordinary summer. The weather has thankfully been cooling off. On the other hand, the new season of my other fandom has kicked off this weekend. That could mean the end of these weekly recaps even though they feature the only shows other people are watching since episode 4 proved to be the ragequitting point of Koichoco for a good number of people. So here is how they turned out:

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Endings Without Context 1: No. 6

What the hell am I watching?

With a certain competitive popularity contest coming up, why not choose now to launch a new series. So I came up with the rather uncreative name of Endings Without Context. It’s where I react to watching the last episode of a series without having watched any of the episodes prior to it. The first one to kick off this series is No. 6 suggested by (Dan), a show that aired in the Noitamina block last summer, when I was taking the season off from anything. Given the quality of Noitamina over the last 18 months, this will surely be terribad material. Continue reading Endings Without Context 1: No. 6