12 Days of Something VI: I Finally, Finally Finished Toradora

Where I last left off, a little over a month into the history of this blog.

I’m using the occasion of 12 Days to finally get to the 3rd edition of Revisiting Dropped Anime. This effort goes back to a show that aired back in a time when we wondered how much the world had changed because a new president had been elected, to now watching it in a world where we wondered if they world had really changed because a new president was elected. So let’s get to it, the entire 2nd half of Toradora!


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12 Days of Something IV: A Ranking of Anime I Want to Watch But Would Probably Regret

horizon_header_gifThere are any number of shows that I really do want to watch, but for some reason I never get around to watching. These shows are invariably terrible, but there’s just something that draws me in, but not quite.

1. Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere
2. Golden Boy
3. Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
4. Evangelion 2.0 (I actually have a copy that has been sitting unwatched on a bookshelf for almost 2 years)
5. Nozaki-kun
6. Baccano
7. Log Horizon
8. Yuruyuri Season 2
9. One Outs
10. Aria the Animation
11. Code Geass R2
12. Toradora
13. Getting Hit By a Car: The Animation

14. Kill La Kill
15. Space Dandy