12 Days of Something III: …and Special Guest, Wooser


When Wooser aired last year, I pretty much dropped it immediately and dismissed it as poorly executed perverted comedy on the basis of just a single episode. It wasn’t until recently that I went back and marathoned the series in a single hour. Honestly, though I can’t say that I revisited solely on the basis of curiosity or because some random number generator told me I should. Actually it was more moments like this:

senyuu01bThat’s right, the first episode of Senyuu featured Wooser playing with a hula-hoop as one of the prospective heroes. Alright, so the perverted mascot character makes a special appearance in another short anime that was hinted at in the final episode of his own show. That alone wouldn’t be enough for me to be interested. No, he would have to make a guest appearance in a post-apocalyptic show to really do so.

monochrome04aAnd here’s Wooser making his grand appearance in Miss Monochrome. So in this scene he was locked out of the mascot character festival as the Nendroid version of Miss Monochrome took center stage. While that’s awful luck for everyone involved; Wooser losing popularity as Miss Monochrome only became popular as a Nendroid rather than an idol, that wouldn’t be enough for me would it.

monochrome09aWell what do you know, Miss Monochrome is a post-apocalyptic anime. At least it’s more realistic than Coppelion. So I went ahead and gave Wooser another chance. It was pretty good for the short format if woefully inconsistent. The 2nd season begins airing in January.

The Return of the Recap 10

So she has more phone contacts than I do?

So the full season started up, and where was I? Writing posts on Horizon, suffering racial abuse playing a video game and contemplating my own purpose in this blogosphere while watching another Go Nagai “classic.” Actually, none of you read this introduction part. It’s all about what follows, isn’t it? Catching up on anything old is difficult during this time of the season, so there’s none of that. It’s all new airing here, with my catastrophic taste showing through all the way as my. Plus, there’s that terribad thing at the end.

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