In Which I Ask, Do I Qualify for Aniblog Citizenship Now?

Tsk, looks like it's that time of year to do this post again.
Tsk, looks like it’s that time of year to do this post again.

So it’s that time of year again where I am legally obligated to point out how long this particular blog has lasted. It’s now reached the point where in many nations I would now be qualified for citizenship for simply being able to hold down a job and not commit any crimes that would see me deported. The caveat to that being that I’m working in the aniblog fast food joint washing dishes while others who emigrated with me are now captains of industry.* That’s enough for the depressing bits in this post (and the many other drafts that are far worse than that you will not see). Instead, I’m going to keep things simple with five things I’ve learned since this blog started.

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The Return of the Recap 39

Cosplayer A and Cosplayer B (yuri scene not used)
With a screenshot like this, it’s a shame Photo Kano had to disappoint this week.

The idea of passion was on my mind this week as I was reading posts on Valvrave of all things. Flawfinder in his post on the episode, really couldn’t be bothered with something that hadn’t earned the right to do a rape scene. It’s all pandering to fans and that sort of thing. The discussion on Twitter took a turn to the classic moral quandry of a series that is Yosuga no Sora since that also had a rape scene in it as well. I really wanted to say that it didn’t handle it badly, but I didn’t think it would find much of an audience. I think it feels like there is just little desire on my part to try to make any sort of passionate argument, so I think of making fence-sitting contrarian crap arguments instead.

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Pointless Debate #18: Representative Anime

There is a point to this screenshot...I promise

In the middle of a rather typical night shooting the breeze on Twitter, the subject of some sort of warfare between lovers and haters of moe came up. Not particularly having any sort of agenda on this debate, someone posted a link in it was argued that the likes of Cowboy Bebop had been glorified to such an extent that anything they believed had a similar quality with moe elements (Strike Witches in their opinion) because the latter is more typical.

This moved me onto the point of this post. In light of the revelation that something considered high-quality is not considered typical of the anime viewing experience, if one was to think of a truly representative series that represents everything coming out of Japan what would it be?

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In Which I Blog Something Completely Different

Why not start a new series by scraping the barrel from the off.

In the aftermath of the Giant Killing series of posts, which I could probably consider successful, and continuing the Legend of the Galactic Heroes posts (result to be seen), I needed to write about something more typical of the newly airing shows. My 2 favorites of the early season, exploitaion anime Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt and personal sadness inducing Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai have probably been written about to the point of saturation. Bakuman’s drawing accusations of sexism and Star Driver’s channeling of everything from Utena and Sailor Moon to Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series have been well worth reading, but I haven’t felt the urge to continue watching either of those past 1 episode.

So I settled on the 3rd favorite out of 6 (non-sequel new series) that I’ve determined I can continue watching this season in Yosuga no Sora. Why choose this one? That’s because in many ways it is so completely different from what’s come in this space, which makes it a bit of a challenge for me in many ways. From that perspective, comments are going to be vital to the success or failure of this endeavor. So bear with me if the first of these posts are a little rough.

Thinly-veiled symbol, or actually food?

The Cliffhanger Motif

After just 2 episodes, it’s becoming obvious to me that there’s a pattern emerging in the narrative in each episode, the suggestive cliffhanger. Episode 1 ended with twin sister Sora seemingly asking Haruka to cross the line, but in fact, she decided in the middle of a night thunderstorm that she had to be measured for her school uniform right at that moment. This episode ended with Haruka listening in on what seemed to be Kazuha revealing that Akane was actually her older sister. I expect that to be shattered or confirmed unexpectedly in the first minutes of the next episode.

I remember Giant Killing being much the same way with cliffhangers constantly occurring in the match episodes, but the resolution could only conceivably come from within a set of rules relating to a sport. The real test for the cliffhangers in this series will come from the way it bends genre convention or breaks them entirely.

We’ve all been there, or is that just me?

The Boredom of Living

Now to a topic that I’m very familiar with, lounging around without being able to communicate with anyone. Sora spent much of the time contemplating contacting her brother, acting jealous when he was talking to someone else and generally being antisocial before she could finally go to school.

The part I found interesting about all of this was the mosquito incident and the sudden change in priorities. As soon as Haruka leaves for the day to go to school, there is absolutely nothing on her agenda for the day. Spotting a mosquito and killing it suddenly become the most important thing in the world to her, because there is nothing else in her world at that moment. When Haruka rushes back in, she clings to him with the mosquito problem becoming insignificant compared her brother’s presence.

Then, when she is able to go to school and her world becomes much larger, she has no enthusiasm for it. It’s the mediocrity principle at work I suppose.

I can’t answer that question unless you are going through the Akane route.

The Town Secret

A common element of these types of stories (small village out in the middle of the countryside) is that there is some sort of secret held by the community. The comes up immediately when Akane states that she lives at the shrine alone. Predictably, Haruka sets about investigating and is stonewalled by Yahiro at the shop. When Kazuha is asked by Haruka, she puts the block on him and asks him not to investigate further.

With that in mind, we probably have the main plot item for the series. Can it stay interesting for another 10 episodes? I have doubts, obviously.

I'm really a sucker for stuff like this. I wonder why that is...

Thoughts: So I managed to write a post on an episode of Yosuga no Sora without giving an opinion on the top-tier fanservice of the series. Was that a good idea or not? Then, there’s the obvious question. Should I continue from this point, or try another roll of the dice next week with a different series?