12 Days of Something VI: Making Friends With Similar Interests

“Really J? This show?”

Last week, I spent a bunch of time basically lying in bed for entire days because strep throat and sinus infection. So to kill some time I would occasionally load up a streaming video app on my current gen console and watch some anime. Rewatching Witch Craft Works or heaven help me Outbreak Company were ways to kill time. I did however watch one of the shorts that aired this year because 42 minutes when one has all day to suffer. Being someone with as eccentric taste as I am (how else to describe someone who has dropped Eccentric Family and Super Lovers with 1 episode remaining?), that show happened to be *cough*The Highschool Life of a Fudanshi. *cough*

An instant friendship was formed.

The short series is about a regular high school student Sakaguchi Ryou, who happens to be a fudanshi. Basically he’s into BL fiction just like a fujoshi would be. The thing that I actually liked about this series is just how normal of a hobby that is to his classmates at school. I think it’s quite nice to imagine a world where that’s really the case. I think my favorite part of the series is when he becomes a friend of Nishihara Rumi. She’s a fujoshi and he needs her help to buy BL without horrifying other customers or the dreaded opinionated bookstore clerk.

She knows she’s being used, but she’s stocking up anyway.

This show isn’t too deep overall; most shorts other than Teekyuu are completely incapable of doing so, but it generally does what it says on the tin. This is a look at the daily life of a fudanshi and he is able to make friends with those who also know that about him. That is something that should be praised as a concept. Now all that we need is a show about fujoshi that makes them look like normal people in society too while everyone knows they are fujoshi. If that show already exists, please let me know.

Who could question that face?