Attack on Titan: A Quick Take

Mikasa will kick your ass.

Yeah, you probably want none of that.

A town that had experienced 100 years of safety from the Titans comes under attack in this first episode. The opening installment was largely a journey through the town to discover just how complacent everyone was against an attack from the Titans. Eren, however, wants to be free from the city walls even as Mikasa constantly sides with his mother and stops him. They even get involved in a fight and stop Armin from being beaten up. However, lo and behold, the Titans attack the town and one ends up eating Eren’s mother as he can only sit back and watch while being carried in the arms of a man he called drunk a few hours earlier.

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Mouretsu Pirates 19 – The Episode About Sorting Garbage, Losing Keys and High School Girls Being Annoying

One does not mess with a pirate’s prized possessions no matter how silly they may be.

The 19th episode of Pirates isn’t particularly tied to any particular storyline, rather it is more about recovering from the last arc before going to the next one. With some time to relax, Marika decides instead to split time between club duties cleaning the Odette II and cleaning the Bentenmaru on her own. This has disastrous effects on her personally as she struggles to do both by her self and in the process loses the master key to the Bentenmaru. Fortunately, like with everything in this show, everything works out in the end yet again.

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