Upotte!! 06 – Gun Harem

Do I have your attention now? Wait, didn’t I do this before?

The 6th episode of Upotte!! sees the conclusion of the battle for supremacy over the school as well as a 2nd story more focused on teenage angst. Sako continues to dominate in the final battle in disabling L85 before cornering M16. However, the battle ends in rather farcical circumstances. Afterwards, AUG wants to talk to FNC and T91 does everything she can to bring them together.

Remarkably accurate depiction of the scope on the L85. Also, thankfully she didn’t yell “NOOO!” and start firing up in the air repeatedly.

From the previous episode, we were left with a cliffhanger of whether SG550 would be alright. Predictably, there was no damage apart from having a new hairstyle forced on her. As nice as it would be for some elements of plot development to happen via characters suffering unfortunate ends, the very nature of this show dictates that nothing of the sort can happen to any of the main characters. The target audience wouldn’t allow it to be fair.

Completely useless as a gun, but still tries her best. That’s L85 for you.

Now as for the conclusion of the story, it was probably about as well done as it could be sticking to genre. L85 is completely useless as a gun, but she should be able to drag a flag across the battlefield completely unnoticed. M16 finally realized the error of her ways in constantly belittling L85 for being a dud. The accompanying narration revealed just enough information to tell us why she could say that she was also a dud at first as well. While Sako’s arrogance was the cause of her downfall in this battle. Friendship ultimately overcomes evil, right? Especially because she could have eliminated both of her opponents well before the result was decided.

Cheapest Deus Ex Machina ever

As for the battle itself, there were a couple of things that bothered me. First, was the delayed conclusion for dramatic effect. The battle would have ended when M16’s last shot hit, but the siren went well after that. Obviously letting Sako unload on M16 was completely within the rules. Then, there was the plastic bag situation. Going into the woods, M16 didn’t have it on the barrel, so the only time I think she could have logically put it on was before she charged out into the clearing. It just seemed overlooked as a critical part of the conclusion.

Ah yes, who would have had this pairing in the beginning?

So at the end of the battle we end up with Sako leaving because she couldn’t conquer this school. However, she left with a kiss that somehow fixed FNC and Galil stayed behind as well. Also, SG550 was jealous. Extremely jealous that FNC’s gun harem had added yet more members.

See? Galil can’t do anything right. Useless characters are the most lovable here.

Speaking of gun harems, that leads perfectly into the 2nd half of the episode which seems devoted to those who love shipping characters. The premise is that AUG just wants to talk to FNC again, but she’s too timid to do it herself. So as she fails in talking to character after character, we get further details on relationships between characters. AUG is jealous of L85 because she gets so much attention from FNC even though they are both bullpups. Galil and AR18 are pretty much inseparable after their battle in the last episode. SG550 shoots off vital areas of targets at any mention of FNC. By being timid, AUG is unsuccessful despite the friendly assistance of T91, who always seems close by. Maybe she would have had more luck going in the heavy barrel configuration after all.

This is what passes for awkward comedy here.

As far as a teenage angst type of setup for the 2nd half of the episode, I think it really didn’t work too well because almost all of the focus was on the characters around AUG. So it was really more about how quirky Galil was, or how madly yandere SG550 is rather than the stated goal of getting AUG and FNC together. When they did meet, it was more awkward than funny, unfortunately.

That is a look of failure, as well as extreme cold under the kotatsu.

Next week, the guns have to deal with cold weather conditions. As SG550 is completely overpowered as a character, I’m sure she deals with it just fine. As for the rest of the cast, they may avoid going outside for comical reasons.

5 thoughts on “Upotte!! 06 – Gun Harem”

  1. I use masking tape at all times, put it on after cleaning. So some commenters asked if we shoot blanks at tactical excercises, since there’s a white cap (looks similar to blank adapter in low-res Youtube videos).

  2. Incidentally, points for having Galil on the bottle-opener gag. Apparently (by the Wikipedia entry on the weapon) the Galil has, of all things, a wire cutter and an actually bottle opener built-in on its bipod. Those Israelis, they want to be ready for anything huh?

    1. I totally missed that. That kind of functionality just seems like a cost saving measure. Why supply a rifle (and there have to be a lot of those because of mandatory service) and something like a Swiss Army knife, when you can combine the 2. Ok, it may end up the worst of both worlds.

  3. I got pissed right after I saw Sako being aroused by FNC’s actions. I told myself to hate Sako. That is, until Episode 6. That’s right, I forgot that this is an ONA, and is not being aired on TV.

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