Recently, My Sister is Unusual: A Quick Review

And release...
And release…

It figures I kick off the new year with this newest addition to the IMOUTO genre (capitalized because Who is IMOUTO? is the masterpiece of the genre).

Yuuya and Mitsuki are step-brother and sister newly living together after their parents had married. She is cold about the whole matter and to Yuuya in general, until she runs into a ghost on a pedestrian bridge after school. Then her whole life changes.

It doesn’t take all too long for this show to go completely off the cliff. I can’t think of the moment where I was really getting tired of what it was trying to do. Was it the shift in Mitsuki’s mood at the hospital where she calls him Yuuya-oniichan? Was it the chastity belt that serves as the plot device for the series? Was it the ghost Hiyori masturbating in Mitsuki’s body? Was it the instant transition to a yuri scene played out off-screen? Was it the nail biting scene where Mitsuki had to hold her bladder for an hour as her mother and Yuuya worried outside the bathroom? I’d say it’s all of them really.

It all seemed to start so promising too with the relationship between Mitsuki and Yuuya being strained. There was a complexity there, as well as with the interactions with Neko in particular added a bit of mystery. Unfortunately, that lasted about 6 minutes.

Subtlety is overrated anyway.
Subtlety is overrated anyway.

So this is pretty much a show for people who don’t understand the concept of subtlety in their anime. And you know what, I’m perfectly fine with that. Not everything needs to have gigantic set pieces filled with references to other cultures where the show is being marketed to. Nope, if you are just going to make another perverted little sister comedy, at least be honest and acknowledge that it won’t be spectacular. That’s really all this show has going for it anyway.

4 thoughts on “Recently, My Sister is Unusual: A Quick Review”

  1. “I’d say it’s all of them really.”

    LOL. Sometimes I feel bad about not taking the opportunity to laugh at this stuff first hand, then I read one of your posts and realize I can experience all this badness faster second-hand, and not have to wade through all the boring bits. Your sacrifice is appreciated.

    1. I think a proper critic of this stuff has to take the good with the bad. I can’t just single out the good and say that’s what anime is at this present time. It’s about consuming massive quantities of this stuff and keeping an open mind. Unfortunately, you get shows like this that pop up quite commonly.

  2. With your low expectations upon the tip of my brain, I dove into this first episode to see for myself.

    And I must say you are correct on all counts.

    Even given my decidedly questionable and off-beat tastes, this one is a definite 1 and done. I think I will now go watch Kanokon or Maken-Ki just to flush this dreck out of my system.

    1. Kanokon is definitely a good choice after watching this. Sadly, in my attempt to stick to dropping just 1 show this season I’m continuing to watch this.

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