12 Days of Something VI: Partying Way Too Hard

This is not the best fighting technique.

Airing back in January was one of those fabled Isekai shows I talked about earlier in Konosuba. This was a very enjoyable series from start to finish with enjoyable characters like Megumin and Wiz who are completely ineffective at most things bar making things explode in the former’s case. However great those two are, this post is about something entirely different.

Time for a round

It’s really about how the characters are so quick to lose interest in what their situation is that they go on completely pointless tangents within an episode. Nothing sums this up better than the first episode.

Maybe try to hold back a bit

The two main characters, former NEET Satou Kazuma and the goddess Aqua, were transported together to the new world on Kazuma’s desire to upset Aqua for making fun of how he died. The only way that she can get back to her old position of essentially pissing off dead people is to defeat the Devil King. So they go through joining a guild, getting their ranks and finding jobs so they can get equipment to fight. Then, let’s just say they forget what they were supposed to do.

I like that Aqua’s vomit is rainbow colored.

They basically find jobs as builders for the town and spend their days together working and their nights drinking as much as possible before going to sleep in a stable. Only after several nights does Kazuma realize that things aren’t right.

This is the kind of character building that Konosuba does very well. It allows the characters to be idiots by their actions collectively which leads to a stupidity that is greater than the sum of their individual levels of stupid, and it’s why I’m looking forward to the second season.