Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai 09 – Binge Drinking

There's a distinct lack of horror on Kobato's face in this image

The 9th episode of Haganai sees a break from the seriousness of the last episode so as to do some Sena x Kobato Kodaka shipping. The day after the events of episode 8, Kodaka and Kobato arrive at the club to see Yozora wearing a horse mask and the rest of the club members in swimsuits. After Sena suggest they use her private family beach as a place to go swimming, the stage was set for future episodes. The next morning, she hijacks Kodaka and Kobato to introduce them to her family. Hilarity ensues.

"Oh. Hi. Have you managed to get that marriage accomplishment in Skyrim?"

This was much better as far as the humor department going from previous episodes. Whereas previous episodes would have used each and every character on failed joke on top of failed joke, this was a case of the show keeping things simple.

Judging by all the fiction I have seen of this type, this will be painful for the girl

The first example, Yozora wearing a horse mask. When is that not funny?

Then Sena herself basically playing the role of Kobato-molester. She absolutely adores the fact that Kobato wants nothing to do with her. She’s the Sanae to Kobato’s Ika Musume. Yes, I’m well aware it’s the same VA too. There was also the brilliance of that moment when she runs out of the bath chasing after Kobato. The transition from glee to absolute horror as she realizes Kodaka watching is pretty brilliant.

Then we arrive at Sena’s parents, Stella and Tenma Pegasus. Stella plays a typically perverted role for this show delivering cliche embarrassing lines with no emotion at all. Then there’s the father, a friend of Kodaka’s father, who just happens to be among the lightest of drinkers ever. Within a few glasses of wine, he’s not longer able to put together a coherent word before passing out for the night. This is typically the end result of playing the H2O drinking game for 1 episode. Instead it seems more like stories I’ve heard of a certain Leeds-based Irish aniblogger, but I digress.

Damn it! Another Hinata panty shot, this is going to suck in the morning.

As for what didn’t work in this episode, Index Lite Maria’s ignorance of everything is getting tired. Rika’s half-assing the swimsuit she was going to wear out of a sense of modesty made little sense for her character. Yozora disappearing for the 2nd episode running makes little sense either as things are beginning to wrap up.

Next Week: I figured I was already getting “Thoughts” out of the way in the actual post, so no need for another section of this. It looks like they actually get to the beach for once. Will it be a case of “Sena and Yozora battle for Kodaka’s attention. Hilarity ensues.” or will it be an episode where each character has to get a shot at him. I know I’d prefer the former.

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  1. Man, Sukunai feels hella scary and retarded now for some reason. I mean, seriously, you have no idea how much this picture creeped the fuck out of me…

    Seriously man, look at that shit! It’s fucking child porn for god’s sakes. I’m glad I dropped this shit.

    The manga, on the other hand…

      1. Hey, Astarotte was HEATWARMING and talked about the BONDS OF FAMILY and 12-YEAR-OLD FATHERS and yeah. I don’t see that happening in Sukunai, which isn’t heatwarming at all – something I really need right now, as I have a cold and it’s in the middle of winter and any warming heat would be nice.

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