Noragami: A Quick Review

"Why doesn't any of this make sense?"
“Why doesn’t any of this make sense?”

Quite often these days you will find a show that is so into itself that it seems completely unaware of what passes for entertainment. The poor god figure desperately looking for work is overdone and it takes something special to bring additional value to that type of story. Noragami simply doesn’t have it.

The central thing this first episode tried to do was be funny in making fun of Yato for being poor. So they’ve partnered him up with a martial arts loving girl Hiyori who is just an utter mess of a character. It’s like she was designed by committee.

“Let’s make her a rich daughter, but she has to have weaknesses so let’s have her fall ill with just fatigue. Also, she needs to be different in some way, but we can’t have her be otaku because that’s too common now. How about she’s a martial arts otaku, and we can have her fight in battles just because she’s seen the moves before. It’s like that one character from Heroes, that guy across from the table liked and it’s obscure too.”

noragami01bIt’s like developing chemistry between the characters that will be essential to the story was an afterthought. So any comedy between the two is non-existent. That is the biggest problem so far. I don’t think introducing a third character will make it much better, but it needs to change fast to make this anything other than mediocre.

3 thoughts on “Noragami: A Quick Review”

  1. I’m more positive on this series. I don’t kid myself thinking it will break all the old conventions in anime, but it had good artwork, and showed some potential.

    1. I guess I’m not seeing the potential. The best it can hope for is something like Blue Exorcist. I know many out there liked it, but I was not one of them.

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