Upotte!! 02 – Bystanders Do Not Exist

The characters at their most intelligent

The 2nd episode of Upotte!! introduces three new guns to the mix as high school and middle schools do battle. Three of the middle school guns are forced into remedial classes after failing at long-distance shooting. They play capture the flag to measure their skills against higher caliber opponents. Actually that pun is much better than the puns in this episode.

Sniping at a middle school building is somehow not disturbing in this show

The big theme in this episode is the bullets themselves. They allow the SG550 to be more accurate over longer distances, so she finishes 3rd in the class overall and doesn’t have to take remedial classes. It also allows the high school girls, with higher caliber weapons to outdo the middle school guns and ultimately win the challenge at the end because simple physics mean their bullets aren’t as susceptible to the elements. But enough about the plot, where does this episode go wrong?

This week's entry in why Swiss weapons are superior, firing between mountains.

I think as far as dramatic tension, it’s completely absent as the high school and middle school guns go against each other. The high school guns are always going to beat the middle school guns, so where’s the entertainment come from. They go for sister like relationships. The sniper guns engage in a duel. The Belgian guns are sisters, as are the two American guns.

Finally, this stupid conflict ended.

The latter two pairings provide the character development badly. The American’s older sister’s quirk is the fact she speaks in puns, which wears on anyone quickly. Even the younger one’s Osaka-ben is endearing by comparison. The Belgians are even worse. The difference in strength is ridiculous so FNC can only be endearing by giving a ton of effort in defeat. It wasn’t enough for me.

Last week it was skeleton stocks, this week open leg sitting position comes up for pointless fanservice.

As for the L85, she failed utterly and didn’t do much. A pure fan-service character in a pandering show. I don’t know what lowly tier of character that makes her.

Of course firing high caliber guns in fully automatic is hard to control.

Next week, it looks like it’s about how to clean an assault rifle. Why does it seem like they’ve run out of material already?

6 thoughts on “Upotte!! 02 – Bystanders Do Not Exist”

  1. Well, the L85 is apparently a temperamental and not very reliable gun for an assault rifle (see this article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/L85A2), to the point where the British Army had to make the basic rifle extensively modified for continued service… and it STILL didn’t get rid of the lingering problems (and the fact that it required constant maintenance). Many of the issues were apparently addressed in the version that followed however.

    It’s no wonder Elle in-series is shown to be severely under-achieving and sickly.

      1. As a British citizen I must utterly disagree, while also completely agree with you on this matter, even if it does not involve guns. Britain is a highly temperamental, yet entertaining country as a whole, not to sure about air-headed though.

      2. I tend to think the 1980s, when the gun was first manufactured weren’t exactly the glory days of the British manufacturing industry. As far as air-headedness, I think when comes to famous British people abroad in recent years, they tend to have a reputation for being really thick or having to pretend to be American. I’ll be happy to be proven wrong on that though.

  2. Famous British people are another matter entirely (cant seem to reply to the previous comment), many of them are a bit on the thick side. But, there is something about the british personality I believe that makes some people assume that your not thinking things through, at least that has been my experience.

    Not to sure about the guns part either, although I have been told that the UK ditched american made guns to make their own because they didn’t want to be reliant on america for all its weapons. But they succeeded in creating something that jams, freezes, clogs up with sand, and generally only works when you hit it with a hammer (a slight over exaggeration, but apparently quite accurate).

    Still, I like a good comedy that is happy to poke fu nat different countries and their traits. The idea of the americans just randomly firing their guns, and having to be physically limited in case they waste all their ammo for example is brilliant.

    1. This theme doesn’t handle threaded comments that well (I’ve looked at other designs, but this seemed to be the only one I could get to not look terrible).

      I when it comes to weapons made in the US and UK, it comes down to manufacturing quality. Mass producing weapons just to get them out to the military and little quality control because they’ve earned the money anyway from big government contracts. The smaller European nations don’t have that concern so they make purpose fit weapons for smaller buyers because they have to sell to more people to survive.’

      And that concludes economics of weapons manufacturing on an anime blog.

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